Why I decided to study software engineering

Milan Parmar
Oct 29, 2020

I remember when I bought my first phone, that’s right the Nokia 3310! As I played around with it, I was instantly fascinated by the communication between a human being and technology alongside the communication between human beings through this technology.

As years went on, the mobile phone adapted to our needs and wants, and grew into a device which brings convenience and efficiency for our day to day lives. For me, a well thought out smartphone is one that combines beautiful hardware and fluid software to encourage man to become productive, creative and ironically, to become more human.

Ever since I owned that 3310, I have been enthusiastic and excited about smartphone technology, how it can help change our lives and push us beyond what we thought was impossible. I look forward to the future where we would be interacting with the world in innumerable ways.

Now a seamless design of a smartphone or even smart wear (watches) is all good and well but it is the software that really brings out the capabilities of the device. The software is the heart that gives our devices life and allows it to function, responding to particular human interactions.

Being able to help and/or independently build apps and develop mobile software is what has got me interested in studying software engineering. My aims and goals are to push the boundaries of the mobile industry with the knowledge I gain through Flatiron and beyond!

Let’s go humans!



Milan Parmar

Software Engineer 👨🏽‍💻 | Full Stack Web Development 💻 | Smartphone Tech Enthusiast📱